Mobile Integration

Effective communication
wherever you are



Your enterprise workforce needs consistent, reliable, secure access to the appropriate network resources, regardless of what mobile device they are using, where they are located or how they are connected. Access anytime, anywhere, and from a wide variety of platforms is quickly becoming the new standard.With these growing expectations from the user community, security is paramount as is the desire to have an always on, always available infrastructure that is dependable. At the same time, your IT department is under continued pressure to do more with less. Enterprises need a network access architecture engineered for mobility.

Blue Door Networks offers mobility solutions that enable your organization to effectively collaborate, and increase productivity. We can help build a unified access network architecture designed to support increasing numbers of mobile devices and users, to improve service delivery, and to meet the deployment needs of enterprises both large and small. Let us assist you in integrating mobility into your existing network infrastructure.

Blue Door Networks offers the following mobility capabilities:

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Controllers
  • Campus
  • Multi-Tenant
  • BYOD